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East Africa Oil and Gas Summit 2014

Newport Africa sponsors the East Africa Oil and Gas Summit 2014

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World Class Solutions in Africa

Since 2006 we have been managing our clients’ risk in Africa by linking globally recognised technical skill to broad Africa experience.

To mitigate our clients’ security risks, business risks and information risks we deliver effective, appropriate and confidential solutions to world-class standards in difficult and changeable markets.

Our goal is to make Africa accessible and secure for investment, where projects operate in safety and where clients’ exit strategies can be met.

Business News

Newport Africa is now offering a passive tracking system with location management and security functions to support companies, clients and their families during incidents or emergencies. ..read more »

Newport Africa is a full member of SAMI, the Security Association for the Maritime Industry ..read more »



Africa Oil and Gas Finance and Investment Forum, Dubai UAE


East Africa Oil and Gas Summit & Exhibition

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Our ‘ELMS’ tracking system is online

Newport Africa offers a new tracking system to support companies, clients, employees and their families during incidents or emergencies.

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data recovery

A story of Data Recovery and the RAID job

Just when you thought everything was lost, Newport Africa’s data recovery and computer forensics expertise comes to the rescue

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